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Psych Media FAQ


Who are we?

Psych Media Group promotes mental health content creators and their active digital media projects. We encourage podcasters, writers, bloggers, filmmakers and other producers to join our community for mutual publicity and advocacy.

What is the Psych.Media Network?

Psych.Media Network is content curated/produced by Psych.Media Staff. This content is published for informational purposes only. If you wish to be apart of the Creator Team of Psych.Media please let us know.

Is there a community chatroom?

You may join our #Slack Community Group. Its like instant messenger! Link at the bottom of the page! Or go to

Is ADULT content Allowed?

No. Adult content of a sexual nature such as pornographic material is not allowed. You may speak about sex but you must place a disclaimer in your video and discription.

Can you upload content that is not yours?

If the content is not owned or you do not have permission to upload said content, it is not allowed on this site.

You can upload max of 100.00MB at a time! We have unlimited minutes of video storage! 4,420.33 minutes of videos stored!