Episode 5 - Bryan's Story

Episode 5 - Bryan's Story Public

That B Word

4 months
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In this week’s episode:

In news and reviews, Becky covers some results from the 23andme.com depression study. There is also a bipolar study currently underway. It’s likely closing soon, so if you want to participate go to www.23andme.com/depression-bipolar.

Another article details the cognitive benefits for those with bipolar in playing certain brain-exercising games. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/887358

Becky’s guest today is Bryan. He has been living with bipolar disorder and shares his story, including his difficulties in getting approved for disability, despite his frequent hospitalizations. We talked for so long, some of it had to be cut – otherwise this podcast could’ve been two hours long! So please forgive any non-sequiturs.

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